Traditional design on a wafer

12 Apr 2021 | Blog, What's new

For Easter, we have prepared for you a Wafee wafer-maker with a new IHS Cross design. While making it, we were inspired by traditional Christian symbols, which are associated with this oldest and most important holiday of the Christian Church year.

These symbols can be seen on antique tongs. These tongs were a traditional tool used in baking wafers, dating from the 18th century. They weighed about 5 kg. The batter was poured inside the tongs. The closed tongs were placed directly in the fire and it took about 15 seconds to bake one wafer. The tongs were, quite often, richly decorated with Christian motifs, of various shapes and sizes. Manual engraving on pig iron is evidence of hard, time-consuming labor, while the designs themselves attest to skillful and perfect work.

We now bring them right into your own home. The IHS Cross design was created as proof that tradition is deeply rooted in us and this is just one way that we would like to show it. So, BE inspired!

Don’t hesitate and take a look at the wonderful wafer-maker Wafee Klasik creating beautifully designed wafers.

Traditionally yours, the Wafee team