A Wafer-maker like embroidering

10 Sep 2022 | Blog

We call the Wafee wafer-maker “An artist with a passion for creating wafers” and rightly so. We have kept all of the tradition and quality from the times of our ancestors, while, at the same time, improving it with greater comfort and practicality. Our intention was to contribute to bringing back customs and traditions to families and delighting them with crispy treats in the warmth of their own home, and not just at Christmas.

We really took TRADITION literally!

We have dressed the Wafee in a “beautiful dress of folk embroidery”. Our talented artist Alexandra S. G. helped us with the painting. In 2017, the design was Vajnory and in 2020 Majolica.

And in September 2022, a new Wafee Wafer-maker “Artist” member will join these beauties.

We just couldn’t resist this! The folk costumes from our region really overflow with colors and patterns and are rightly among the most ornate in Slovakia. We transferred the beautifully colorful ornamentation of traditional Piešťany embroidery into an original hand painting and created this unique motif in cooperation with our Saška. Finding that specific and most suitable one took quite a bit of work this time, because there were so many options. In the end, we all came to a unanimous agreement.


We present to you the hand-painted wafer-maker Wafee ARTIST

Embroidery from Piešťany


Embroidery from the area of Piešťany, which includes villages from Nové Mesto nad Váhom to Piešťany, is among the most beautiful and elaborate embroideries in Slovakia. It has often been used to represent Slovakia. Piešťany embroidery is typically yellow and orange, later red threads were also used. In particular, the upper parts of ceremonial clothing, especially for young people, were embroidered with these distinctively warm colors using a very advanced embroidery technique.

The hole embroidery typical for Piešťany only appeared at the end of the 19th century, while the hole embroidery in this part of Slovakia was fully developed in the 1920s and 1930s. We decorated the baking trays (molds) of the wafer maker with the so-called pattern “On wheels”, whose name clearly describes its shape. We painstakingly inserted two beautiful circular patterns into the “irons” and, once again, a unique machine was created, which will proudly represent our quality work, which we stand behind, as well as a piece of Slovakia!


With love and respect

Your Wafee team