Wafer-maker – your own design on the wafer

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As the Wafee wafer-maker is becoming more and more popular, we have decided to give you the option of choosing your own design on the wafer, thus creating another product from our workshop in cooperation with you – a personalized wafer.

You have the option of choosing your own design to be engraved on the bottom of the baking tray. You send us a sketch or rendering for the engraving and we will make a wafer-maker with your own personal design that will be imprinted on the wafer. Renderings for the engraving must be submitted according to the following requirements:

Requirements for engraving your personal design:

  • Send the rendering in a 1: 1 scale in .dxf, .dwg format (or in .pdf format in curves).
  • The rendering must be drawn with a center line (not a double one). The engraving tool takes the center line.
  • Linesmust be display entities (curves, circles, points).
  • The size of the baking tray is 200 x 120 mm. The offset of the engraving from the edge of the tray is 5 mm, so the maximum dimension of the rendering can be 195 mm long and 115 mm wide.
  • The thickness of the engraved lines on the tray will be 1.1 mm ± 0.1.
  • We recommend that the entire rendering be done with lines (an outline). Filled spaces between the lines more than doubles the baking time and the final image on the wafer, after baking, is not as clear and pronounced.
  • Here you can download a PDF file with a detailed description of the required properties that the template you provided should meet.

Once the renderings are received, they are checked to ensure that they are in accordance with the above requirements followed by a consultation with the customer. After payment, or transferring funds to our account, has been completed, we then begin to process your rendering for engraving. The price includes a maximum of 3 hours of work. Should the complexity of the design require extra work, we will consult with you in advance. Each additional hour of work will be charged at 15.00 € / hour. After processing the rendering for engraving, we will send you a Consent / Correction of the Customer’s Engraving form before continuing with the actual engraving process.

Here you can download operating instructions.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 43 × 20 × 14.5 cm

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